Garage Door Fishers specializes in the installation of both residential and commercial garage doors. We have it all, from the different styles, to the different materials you prefer, to the various colors and brands, we have a large collection to satisfy your wants and needs. We even customize if you prefer something more unique for your home.

Even if we don’t have you desire, we can easily look it up for you. We believe in putting our customers on top of our priorities. We listen well to their needs and we make this happen. This is what Garage Door Fishers is to you.

hammerSupport and Maintenance

Garage doors are the biggest moving object in your homes. It is a system made up of complex mechanisms that enables it to serve its function. Like any well-oiled machine, garage doors need constant maintenance in order to ensure a smooth and hassle-free operation time and time again.
Garage Door Fishers recognizes the need for a regular service of your garage door. As such, we are always ready to be of service to you any time of the day. We know that getting your garage door to break at the most inconvenient time of the day is a problem and compromises your security. As such, we make our team of experts available 24/7 for your emergency garage door needs.
We also offer repairs and replacement of broken or misplaced components such as springs, cables, rollers, garage door openers, tracks, drums and panels. We perform weather stripping and garage door insulation if needed. Plus, we do inspections and tune-ups for your garage doors.
We know that dealing with garage door maintenance and repairs requires adept knowledge and experience in the field. Without careful manipulation and without the right tools can easily cause serious damage and worse. As such, Garage Door Fishers ensure that these services are within your reach.

One-stop shop for garage door parts

In Garage Door Fishers, you are assured that you can have all the part you need for your garage doors. We can bring it to you anytime you call.
As a distributor of well-known brands that are most recommended in this industry and most-preferred by Americans, we have it all in store for you. We remain to be the one-stop shop for all your garage door part needs. We also partner with the top garage door service in Peoria to serve you better. All of the parts we have in our collection are the best in quality and durability without over-the-top price. Everything we offer is within your budget and known to last.

Warranties and Discounts

Garage Door Fishers know only to serve the best to its customers. From parts, to installation and maintenance, we are aim only to give you maximum experience. We also want you to have this at a very affordable rate.

This is why for your needed garage door services, we make sure that you get all the warranties that come with the parts you buy from us. We also rain you with all sorts of discounts that will make you come back for more.