About Us

Since it has been founded in 1985, Garage Door Fishers was already out to proving itself to be one of the toughest competitions in the garage door service industry.  Now, over 3 decades later, we are now the leading in the industry to provide unmatched service in terms of the consumers garage door needs.

Garage Door Fisher recognizes the need to provide every individual the most fitting garage door to fit their dream homes. We believe that this should be achievable within the budget without compromising the quality and the safety of their consumers. Being a family-owned business that we are, we paved the way for this to happen. As such, our name is now the most trusted when it comes to installation, repairs, inspection, and maintenance of your garage doors.

We started as a provider for residential garage door service but through efforts and hardwork, we are now recognized to be champions on commercial garage door installations as well – most recommended by companies dealing with house constructions and renovations.

At present, we are also the largest distributor of Americans’ most favorite brands known for the quality and durability of the products. We are also the partner of top garage door repair in Peoria.

Our Team

Garage Door Fishers has a team of dedicated professionals highly trained to attend to your garage door needs. Years of experience honed them to exude only superior quality workmanship in their craft. They are friendly and courteous. Plus, with the routinely background check done for every labor hired, the safety and security of our customers are taken into considerations.

Our team of experts are adept in using only the most advanced tools and technologies in your garage doors. They are reliable and knowledgeable. They are fast and efficient. They are available 24/4. They are made to be the solution to every garage door problems.